Wildlife and environment -Our diversification of East Crinnis Farm has always been in consideration of the local wildlife and eco-system. Although rich in diversity we extended the habitats by creating a wet land which guests can now use for leisure and relaxing alongside nature. The pond and surrounding area are rich with wildlife and here you will find many species of birds, insects, mammals and even reptiles. The Farm is home to wonderful bird life with predators like, buzzards, hawks and falcons to the more common blackbirds, robins and magpies. We also have lovely migrating birds like Swallows and Canadian Geese that return year after year.

The pond is stocked with a variety of fish, while you will also see frogs, toads, ducks, moorhens, dragonflies and butterflies. In the borders and woodlands that surround the holiday park are foxes, owls, badgers and rabbits making East Crinnis a truly remarkable wildlife watching haven.

The Farm produces beef and only practises Organic farming methods on the land and cattle. Tree planting also helps with the sustainability of all wildlife on the farm and remains a safe haven for them between the ever developing urban areas of Par and St Austell.