East Crinnis is great for the young adventurers as we have a variety of experiences for them to enjoy. Physically we have a wonderful handcrafted play park with swings, see-saw, climbing frames, balance bars and slide with tower. For a challenge of the mind the giant chess provides any family with some serious rivalry throughout your stay and we’ll be happy to give you a quick break down of the rules if you’ve not played before. Over at Grumpys pond we have seasonal trails to follow through the secret pathways and some fun holiday quizzes to win prizes. Fishing is completely free for our guests so bring your rod and catch a whopper, or run, kick, throw and jump in the small sports area with football goals.

During the summer holidays we have magical story telling around a campfire and early evening music sessions from some talented local musicians.

If there’s bad weather there’s always the Wi-Fi room to hang out with new friends, or a chance for the older children to send/post messages about their holiday.