The news is now looking more hopefully with the Covid-19 rate of infection falling in the UK. If things continue and we remain sensible the government has indicated there is a chance we might be able to re-open in July. Please enquire if you would like more information at this time through our email or call us.

Until we have been given clearance from the 1st of July we will not open the site and therefore will remain closed for normal business. We hope however by opening in July this will give everyone at least 10 weeks of lovely summer weather into September and hopefully an Indian summer into the early part of the autumn.

For any seasonal guests please contact us for further information or if you would like us to check your van in your absence etc. Right now the latest information means travelling to us to even check the van is still not allowed and this falls in the second home ownership guidance.

Any gusts booked in this period your booking will be valid to another time in the future therefore rolling over your credit. This can be for any time valid until the end of the season 31st Oct 2021 so therefore giving you a full 16 months to come and stay with any money you have already paid. There is no need to contact us if you have booked in during this time right now as we have a record of your stay. As soon as things get better and we have a re-opening date that will be the best time to contact us about re-booking for the future.

Please email us direct on or call 01726 813023

Stay safe everyone – the uk appears to be winning the battle against covid-19 and good times will return again.